Gladys & family. We built a new home for them. Video of this is below.


"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing."

Edmund Burke


Below are pictures & short videos of 'OMWABINI' projects that I took part in.

More will be added shortly.. There are several clips on the player.

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'What has always worked for me is, "Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You." You  don't have to be religious to care about the state of the world. Our world. We are all in this together, and therefore we should, I feel, do our utmost to help each other. All children are the future of this planet, and their wellbeing must be preserved at any cost. Without children, educated, protected and cared for, there will be no future. They are all potentially the Mother Theresa's, Einstein's, and Martin Luther Kings of tomorrow. Most of these beautiful kids in Kenya, and in many countries in Africa have a very low life expectancy. If they cannot be cured then we should make what little time they have on this Earth as comfortable and humane as possible. They did not ask to be born with HIV. And we, in our cosy European environment, know little of the suffering and hardship Black Africa has to endure. Of course, Africa needs money, but no amount of money will make any difference without education. Education for children, and education for adults. Sex education, and the eradication of superstition and fear which holds sway over so much of Africa. This will not be accomplished in a year, or possibly in a lifetime, but the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.'

                                                                                                                                                            Rick Sharpe 23rd.April. 2009




Progress Report In Images

 Farmland Progress Report In Images


Me...pretending to work.

The first stage of house building....and black thumb nails!!!

Mud, mud, glorious mud.

Lucy and Rick. Any excuse to act like a kid.

Construction work.

This is where the fun starts, with lots and lots of mud.


An almost finished house. The technique, which in the last stages involves throwing wet mud, is called...mudding!!!

The finished house.

The house we built at Matilili, Kenya for a widow named Gladys, and her family. It might even still be standing.


I love work...I could watch it all day.

Branton & Rick

This is the little guy that I'm sponsoring. For all the horrors that he has been through, he is a remarkably well balanced and loving person.


This little guy is Branton, and I'm sponsoring him. he is five years old, but is the size of a three year old. When they first found him, he weighed 16lbs, and could not walk or talk. His life expectancy is low.

Branton & Family.

Branton and his siblings live alone, their parents having died of AIDS. Steven, the oldest, looks after them all while attending school too. This is a huge responsibilty.

Mount Elgon.

View of Kenya from Mount Elgon.

Crossing the river.

This is a river that turns into an incredible waterfall on Mt.Elgon.

Me, showing my age.

A long walk up Mt. Elgon, but well worth it. The view and the waterfall is superb.

Noah and Rick.

Noah, Omwabini's choirmaster and music teacher. he writes pretty good songs too. The lady behind is from a village on the mountain.


Teachers and helpers at The Omwabini Rescue centre. James Bunyasi far left, and Noah, far right.

Cool, clear, water.

One of the Omwabini water projects. It is the best water that I have ever tasted.

Village life.

A typical scene in Matili village,with maize drying. A lot of people only eat two, or three times a week.

Lucy and James.

Lucy Ironmonger and James surveying the site oif a new water project. This water, at the moment, is polluted and undrinkable.

Save the children.

Village children at the site of a new water project.


Maize grown by OMWABINI for the local villages. They have 50 acres, and the local people must help to harvest it in order to obtain some.


The Omwabini sign outside The Rescue Centre at Kimili.

Lucy and James.

Lucy and James Bunyasi at the maize field.

The AIDS clinic.

The AIDS clinic at the Webye Hospital. A very sad place.

The AIDS clinic.

The wonderful kids at the AIDS clinic at Webye.

The Glory Centre.

The Christian Glory Centre at Kimili, where we did a video with some of the choir.


Kimilili town.

Mount Elgon.

The beauty of Kenya from mount Elgon.

Mount Elgon.

Vines, creepers and incredible trees.


Coffee plantation at the foot of Mount Elgon.

Noah & Rick.

Noah is the music teacher and choir master at the Rescue Centre. He is also a pretty good songwriter.

The Rescue Centre.

Skills, such as machining, and IT are taught here, so these ladies will be able to start their own businesses. They are also part of the fantastic choir.

Stuck in a ditch.

This was a main road between villages!!! I as usual, am supervising, in Prince Philip pose.

Food, glorious food!

Ugale, a staple dish, made from maize. Also on the menu were mashed bananas, rice and other veg.

Intrepid Explorers.

Mount Elgon. Rick, Lucy, Noah, Saul, Mike, Lily and co.We spotted a Black Mamba here. Far to close, for my liking!

The Rescue Steps Centre Choir.

Rick, Lucy, Noah & the Ladies of the choir.

Rick & Redempta.

Hard working & long suffering. A lovely Lady.

Matili school.

Orphan children and teacher, and who's that good looking bloke at the back?

Rick & Lilian.

Standing on the equator.

Rick & Jim.

James Bunyasi, is the cornerstone of Omwabini, and never seems to stop working.

Kisumu Airport.

Sadly this wonderful little airport is to be turned into an international one!!!

The Motorway

This is a main road between villages!!!

Wittgenstein or?

A bit of intellectual reading to start the morning off is always good for a chap!!!

Mount Elgon

An incredible place to watch the dawn. I could sit there forever.

All the kit you need.

Beano, Swiss Army Knife, Maglight & Samosas. What more would a chap want?

Rick & Branton

Kimilili Market

The Thursday market that stretches for miles. I spend many hours there.

Rick & Lilian

She had a real tough time, and was wary of me for a long while. We are now good friends.

Orphans at The Centre

The pullies that the kids are wearing were made by some lovely ladies in Seaford, east Sussex. UK

Downtown Kimilili

The market in Kimilili

This palce fascinates me, and you can get all sorts of things here. The spices smell fantastic.


That door jam is three inches wide, and these cockroaches are pretty prehistoric looking, can make hissing noises, and get all over you at night. Advisable to use your mozzie net. Mosquitos are also rife here, and positively adore me!

Washing Clothes

Washing the children's clothes

These clothes were caked in mud, and worse. Always advisable to wear gloves when using the river water, as there are some pretty gruesome parasites and insects lurking. One hardy breed, with the name "Jiggers" are not friendly at all, and can do you a lot of damage, if you are not careful. Not advisable to walk barefoot in the streams and grass!

Me and a few flamingos.

Lake Nakuru

A sea of Flamingos. Absoutely stunning...and surreal.


Fast, deadly and ferocious. These two were only a few feet away, as they killed a flamingo.


Lake Nakuru. the pink bits roud the edge are over a million flamingos

Girraffe at Nakuru

Nakuru National Park

Beautiful animals, but an extremely harsh environment.


A vulure feasts in Nakuru national Park.

The Menengai Crater

The Menengai Crater

Near Nakuru, this is a vast volcanic crater the stretches many miles.

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